I am the type of guy that watched:

Eromanga, High school DxD, the loli band anime from 2 seasons ago and Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai in the living room on the big television without headphones and WITH my parents around.
How tough am I?

let's discuss: Is this normal behaviour and if it ... See moreisn't why isn't it and why is it?
Does anyone ever feel like anime is inferior to western television.
Western media often gets a bad rap for having too many episodic shows, but I found the shows with overarching stories blow the best anime out of the water. HBO shows like the Wire, West World or netflix originals like House of... See more Cards have more depth and characterization than the poster child anime for depth like Evangelion or other fan favorites. The cartoons like the Clone Wars, Avatar,etc are far better than most shounen anime and have better animation despite being extremely old shows. It seems western media quality wise is superior and the only strength anime has is its variety and novelty.

What is the reason why other mediums seem to always be a step ahead of anime? is it lack of writing talent? Do they take writing less seriously because its a cartoon?

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