Watching 1 long series vs multiple short series

What do you tend too gravitate towards? Would you rather watch one long acclaimed 'great" series or multiple short series? I always have trouble choosing which one too do. I've been wanting to watch LOTGH , but i then always think about ho... See morew many short series i could watch instead with the same enjoyment. I know i could both at the same time , but i tend to forget easily so i like to watch longer series in one go without any other shows in between. Let me know your opinion!
Why are anime fans so salty?

Why the fuck are you guys so salty?

I can't read five replies into an interesting thread without seeing a sarcastic asshole and/or some super weird freak yelling and disproving of OP's topic.

Legitimate question.

(I'm salty because you're salty.)
Topics the Anime world should explore

There are some topics that I wish there were more/any anime about. Here are a few of them:
Drug Abuse
Treasure Hunting (kinda like Indiana Jones?)
Something with a lot of rollercoasters or a theme park type thing?

What topics do... See more you think deserve an anime or two?