What Was Truly The Golden Age Of Anime?

for me it ended when cyberpunk begin to tone down ..like these titles

Wicked City
Ghost In The Shell
Platabor 2

well anyway what do you think ?
I can't see symbolism in anime.

I like to think of myself as someone who views anime analytically. Yet I have a really hard time uncovering what a show''s underlying themes are, or what some of its scenes are trying to convey to the viewer through symbolism. I can never "get" it th... See moree first time through, I always find myself looking up what someone else has found.

Is there any way I can change up how I'm viewing things to better understand what they're trying to tell me?
What do you think about rewatching anime ?

For me, i would only rewatch a show that i really liked, something like HXH 2011 or death note or some show that's getting a sequel and forget what happened in it's last season. what about you guys?