Which oppai are best oppai?

Anime girls have a lot going for them: their lovable personalities, a wide variety of hair colours and hair styles, clear shiny skin, high-pitched voices, pantsu... But, objectively, their best features are on their chest: boobies, breasts, oppai. Every single one of us, men, women, others, loves this ageless symbol of femininity and fertility.
Oh how they bounce when our waifu jumps, runs, breathes, blinks... Every single frame of it, makes my heart skip a beat, and makes me regret that they are not real. But, luckily, we can still love them and caress them in our dreams.
There are many kinds of oppai however: small, big, bara, nippleless... Each of them with their own redeeming features. How can we possibly choose between them? Thus, my question for you, casuals and otaku:

Which oppai do you love the most and why?

To me moderately sized oppai would be the answer, not too high, yet not huge and dangling; they make me think of reality more than the larger variety, yet also jiggle wildly unlike the smaller ones. They are the perfect middle between fertility and youth - not the size that makes us think of our mothers, but not the size that makes us think of children either. They aren't uncomfortable for the girl (huge oppai would cause a lot of backpain), and fit perfectly in my hands. Over-all a win-win situation.

Now, again, for those who did not wish to read my introduction and text (I bet you watch dubs):

Which oppai are the breast - I mean, best? And why? Please give sufficient reasoning, as this is a very serious matter.