Could you please suggest some good anime movies that explore real life (details in description)?
So, when I first watched "Five Centimeter Per Second" it made me think about life. I carried that feeling for a long time. Then I decided to watch all Makoto Shinkai movies. I really liked "Your Name" and "Garden of Words" after that. I also enjoyed "A Silent Voice" and "The Wind Rises". "Grave of the fireflies" literally made me cry. Ever since, I am in search for such life-oriented anime movies. But it seems most of the time I stumble upon fantasy (okay, "your name" is a bit fantasy, but there is a "Life" in that movie, so....), horror, action or paranormal anime, which I think you have guessed, not my cup of tea. I like subtle drama.

So , Could you please suggest me some of the best drama genre anime movies that explores real life? Thank you. smile