What knowledge and/or skills did your learned through anime?
As an anime fan, I have learned some knowledge and skills through anime, for example, I learned Japanese by watching anime. Also, I know how to play basketball from Slam Dunk. Do you guys learned any knowledge and/or developed any sk... See moreills through anime? If you do, what are those skills/knowledge?
Do people actually like lolis and tsunderes?
I thought this was one big memeπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” but it appears that I was wrong.
I hate Aisaka taiga with passion (the true tsundere) the only animel I have ever dropped is Toradora because of her.
Tsunderes like Kurisu aren't a real tsunderes since t... See morehey don't beat up the man.
Lolis are just underage girls, do people really fap to them?

I don't understand so do people actually like them?
Does the length of the anime affect whether you start it or not?
In the past, I used to avoid longer anime as I didn't feel like watching the same anime for too long. I was also newer to anime and wanted to have a variety of anime completed. It did take me quite awhile to come to terms that I ... See moreshould just enjoy the anime for what it offers, rather than how long it actually is and how long I would be watching that specific anime. After all, watching anime should be for fun.