First anime you watched in dub?

Oh man, I can barely remember the last time I watched a dubbed anime, never could get used to the voice actors that the anime producers use (not to say the voice actors suck or anything, just doesn't feel natural to me when watching a Japanese made animation).... See more

I guess my first dub anime technically would be Naruto, but I consider Death Note to be more of my first because it was around that time that I really got into anime and stuff. And probably the only reason why I watched it in English dub was because I always thought that it would be hard to find the English sub version of it so I didn't bother searching for it haha.

On a side note, Chinese dub (or whatever you call it lol), ain't too bad, but hey maybe it is because I am actually a Chinese (I find this shocking myself too lol).

So what are you guys' first anime that you watched in dub and why did you? If you are still watching anime in English dub why so?
Out of anime/manga, how do you spend your time?

This question came to my mind yesterday when I was watching the Supercoupe Europe.
How do you people spend your time when you're not watching anime?
- Watching sport? if so, which one ?
- Practising sport activities? If so, which one you do ... See morethe most?
- Movies ?
- Video Games?
- Reading / Literature (Including LN) ?
- Other ?

I personally I watch soccer most of the time. La Liga, Premier League & the European competitions. Sometimes I can watch 4 ~ 6 games per week.

I practise soccer (for fun) once of twice a week. So I don't have much time to watch anime like the last year summer(I've been watching anime with a 30 ~ 40 episodes/day) because there no interesting games in summer and it's so hot all day long so we can't go play soccer.

How about you ?
Do enjoy the antagonist or the protagonist more in an anime?

Its a simple question. Do you like seeing the antagonist in the anime or the protagonist. I know when the main character is dry in an anime, I like seeing what the antagonist does instead. If you have a favorite antagonist that you... See more like more than the protagonist, comment it! O(≧∇≦)O
Do you often get stuck picking your next anime to watch?

Sometimes it takes hours for me to pick something.
I used to watch the ones i was most interested in first but then after a while i got a bit picky on what to watch next, is anyone else the same or do you not care what to watch next?
Lack of diverse time periods in anime?

I personally haven't watched a lot of anime to begin with, but I rarely come across titles that don't take place in our current time. Generally in modern anime, fantasy settings (where you usually get the "old" feel) are back-to-back with our ... See moremodern times (in the form of being trapped in a fantasy world/video game, etc).
What makes a good female leading character?

I've recently found a rather large interest in female leads in anime, and I'm very interested- what makes a good female lead? Now obviously this would depend on the type of anime, but overall I'm just curious what other people find enduring and awe... See moresome when it comes to a female character.

I for one enjoy a female character that doesn't have a romantic interest, whether they be male or female, as it always seems to be a cliche. And a lot like Maka from Soul Eater, whether you like the anime or not, I much prefer a character that's main male counterpart, is a best friend, or a character that doesn't even necessarily get along with the female lead.
Best years of anime?

Has to be around 2004-2007. Hachimitsu to Clover, Beck, Gintama, Nana, Eureka Seven, NHK ni Youkoso!, Mushishi, School Rumble, etc. were made (anime not novels or manga) in these years and you have to admit those animes were amazing.