What do you think of fandoms?

From my experience so far fandoms are a bad thing unless you happen side with the majority, be it favorite character or your favorite pairing. If not then you'll be hassled till you admit to what they like is superior or "cannon" even if that's not the... See more truth.

Recently I made an account on a certain site which is more or less like the headquarters of a particular fandom. The moment I posted something related to the particular series the person who considers herself to be the all knowing queen of the fandom found it by the tags I had used and left me a welcome note. She just assumed that I was new to the series itself and didn't know anything about it when I was well updated by following the official accounts related to the series on twitter. At first she was like even if we ship different pairings lets just get along well. I was already aware of what sort of posts she makes so I didn't follow her and she didn't follow me either. Later when I started to post more she would literally share the post changing whatever quotes I made from the series bending them to suit her OTP and made comments like the character actually wanted to get a good view of the other guy's butt (the one she pairs him with). It was really annoying. The series itself isn't shounen-ai or yaoi, the author has mentioned it time and again but it's all on deaf ears. Even after that she talks as if she personally knows the author and that the author intends to promote a gay sexual relationship with the MC but can't do it due to some restrictions so you should read between the lines. Her sidekick, the other queen of the fandom does the same but isn't as rude as her in her comments. They mistranslate quotes from manga covers and portray as if the MC is madly in love with the other guy. If you have been following the series and can read Japanese it's a clear as day who or what the opening quote is about. But if you try and correct them, they'll just say that that's the "only possible" explanation because the MC thinks about him all the time. But in reality the other guy doesn't even appear in the chapter, is somewhere far away and they have other major issues to deal with that could possibly destroy countries or even the world, there's absolutely zero time for romance! The entire fandom considers both of them as Gods, if they say something is true then it becomes the absolute truth. If you make any comments which defy that not only on that site but anywhere else the entire fandom just copy-pastes comments made by the 2 queens, it's like they can't even use their own brain anymore, they've just turned into zombies controlled by their masters.

And the funny thing is if you watch and read the actual content it's no where even near what the fandom describes it as. It actually makes me wonder whether we are even talking about the same series! In the end I just had to block her, there was no other way out.

And these sort of things aren't just restricted to the one I'm talking about, I've seen that a lot of flaming goes on in most of the fandoms, the most recent examples would be Nisekoi and Bleach. That's why I prefer staying away from fandoms, I can casually just talk about the anime I like with other casual watchers but I just don't want to get involved with hardcore fans anymore. Trying to explain your side to them is a complete waste of both time and energy.

It you fall under the majority well and good, you'll enjoy you stay talking to other like-minded fans but if you fall in the minority category then you are doomed.
Most Romantic Quote For You?

Eto... Minna-san, Watashi wa namae wa Bikky desu~
Just wondering if what is the most romantic quote minna-san seen.
Let's share our thoughts! :3