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What knowledge and/or skills did your learned through anime?
As an anime fan, I have learned some knowledge and skills through anime, for example, I learned Japanese by watching anime. Also, I know how to play basketball from Slam Dunk. Do you guys learned any knowledge and/or developed any sk... See moreills through anime? If you do, what are those skills/knowledge?
Do people actually like lolis and tsunderes?
I thought this was one big meme🤔🤔🤔 but it appears that I was wrong.
I hate Aisaka taiga with passion (the true tsundere) the only animel I have ever dropped is Toradora because of her.
Tsunderes like Kurisu aren't a real tsunderes since t... See morehey don't beat up the man.
Lolis are just underage girls, do people really fap to them?

I don't understand so do people actually like them?
Your favourite character archetype
pretty simple, what's your favourite type of character more often than not, and why? Eg. genki girl, the strong silent type etc etc.

also your least favourite if you want to.

Mine is manly dudes with a bit of a goofy edge to them like mugen, simon and k... See moreamina for guys, and for women, this is less specific but i generally like the out there kind of girls. Faye valentine, Akko, Ritsu Megumin kind of thing. I think i'm like this because i can usually get more invested in a character if i get to hear them a lot
Why Do Shit Animes Get Sequels?

As the title... I'm just wondering why shit animes who have close to no fans or any support whatsoever get sequels?

When I mean shit anime I don't mean your "opinion" of a shit anime... I animes that actually flopped as a whole....
Do you enjoy watching anime with your Significant other?

I find my anime watching experience enhanced when I'm laying next to my girlfriend and we're viewing together. We also have conversations about characters and plot afterwards which makes it all the more fun.

Anyone enjoy doing this?
How has watching Anime affected you as a person?

Do you find yourself more adventurous because of the titles you watch?
Perhaps you're more courageous about asking out a crush?
Or maybe you just learn something watching a show and take it to heart?
How has Anime affected you as a person? ... See moreCould be good, bad, trivial.
Anime you loved but not anymore?

I used to love One Piece so much back in the day. I stopped reading it a few years ago but have time to time read it. It just wasn't the same anymore for me after the timeskip, the new char design were awful like Nami and Robin. The char development for Ussop... See more was so disappointed, this is a guy who spent 2 years in an island that was trying to eat him constantly yet he was the same cowardly person. This clearly showed that Oda was afraid to take risks and just played it to damn safe. It was obvious that he scattered Nami's new design to otakus and pervs alike.

The story quality also wasn't the same, the new arc's drags on forever like Dressrosa arc. I sadly don't care for it anymore. I have seen way better anime's and I can't go back to it sadly.
What do you like in an anime protagonist?

I don't mean something as simplistic or as abstract as "I want him/her to be complex..." (because who doesn't), but more like "I want him/her to be shy, timid but have a badass persona/ego", or "I want him/her to have a tragi... See morec past that involved a lot of rape and torture..."
You know...whatever floats your boat :3
Also, would it be different if the protagonist was male or female?
When will some of us stop holding symbolism in such high regard?

Symbolism is often so trite and superficial. Why don't we more often praise anime that strive for greater artistic brilliance than works that try to get by with sophistry and flimsy imagery?

Kaiba? A guy with a hole in the c... See moreenter of his chest and lacking in basic human emotions, expressions, and personality. HMMM I WONDER WHAT THAT MEANS?

Haibane Renmei? Literally "birds" the anime. Fucking Aristophanes would be triggered by the amount of avian imagery. Legit bottom of the barrel tier. I also enjoyed the use of Rei's paintings of despair, which represents the despair of the production staff when they realized they let Yoshitoshi Abe convince them into making that atrocity.

Texhnolyze? First episode has a lizard at the end with a chopped off tail. You really hit it out of the ball park with that one guys. Fucking brilliant, mate. Zoom in harder so we "get" it next time.

When will we as a community stop circlejerking over symbolism, and spend our time in more fruitful endeavors? Why can't we remove ourselves from our every day obsession with symbols?

Are we just that pleb?

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