How do you choose the next show you are going to watch?
This sounds like a dumb question but this is something I always struggle with. How do you guys choose the next series you watch? I always have to much in my backlog, so it find it difficult to find a show I really want to watch.
So half ... See morethe time I end up putting it off and not watching anything for weeks at a time. Maybe I'm the only one with this predicament
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How can I convince my dad that not all anime and manga are bad?
I have been an anime and manga fan for almost 10 years and while I still love it, my dad does not. He hates it with a burning passion because he thinks it's all childish, pornographic, and a waste of time. He and I have been fight... See moreing about this for almost six years now. This can't go on and it's taking a serious toll on my health because of my depression. Can anyone recommend anime or manga series that I can show to my dad and what should I say to him?
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