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Why are Tsundere characters usually the main love interest?

I think most people who have seen romance/comedy/SOL/school/harem anime have observed that it's usually the Tsundere character that in the end steals the heart of the protagonist even if he wasn't into her in the first place.

I'v... See moree noticed this mostly in the popular ones. I don't want to name them as it counts as spoilers for people who haven't seen them. I'd appreciate it if others would do the same and would not spoil anime for anyone no matter how long ago it was aired.

I know that it makes for good story telling to have characters fight or dislike each other in the beginning and over time slowly become affectionate towards each other. It's easier to write about, and gives writers and characters a platform to build a story upon. It's a common trope not only in anime, but in most forms of story telling.

What I would like to know is that, is there a particular reason why this trope is so common and popular other than the reasons I mentioned above? What are your thoughts on the matter?
Do you find it hard to watch older anime or anime that arent in HD?

Im pretty hardcore about my anime quality. I make a few exceptions like Hajime no Ippo, but I only watch a modern style anime that is 1080p, or sometimes 720p.

There are a lot of anime that Ive held back on watching becau... See morese theyre not available in HD. Anime like Kaiji, and Aria, and Monster are a couple animes that I hope get Bluray releases sometime in the future so that I can actually watch them. If not ill probably never watch them

I also probably never plan to watch any old style anime in the pre 2000s. The old style is hard to watch when youre used to modern animation.

I know there are a lot of casuals that dont care about your quality, Im much more interested in those that do
What if you DID meet your "waifu," but they didn't like you?

This is just a curious question that's crossed my mind every now and then; felt it'd be fun to post it here and get some other opinions. I suppose to start I should note that I don't look at my anime "waifu;" or... See more rather, the woman that I find most attractive in anime as anything more than a fascinating character in a show who happens to have traits that I'd love to find in a real woman.
I don't look at my "waifu" as someone whom I want to be with, etc. However, I do commonly see posts from people who seem to genuinely want to be with a character they've developed an attachment to. With this I was curious; what if you were to meet that character, and they ended up not liking you?
Now this isn't meant to get anyone down; it's just hypothetical. Maybe you'd be their proper soulmate; maybe it'd all go great. If, however, you were to finally meet the anime girl of your dreams only to be thoroughly rejected, how would you respond?
Interested in your answers!
is it wrong to like anime

So If y'all are wondering I'm a huge anime fan and I love to watch anime on my spare time, but recently and has been happening since july was I've been thinking about peoples opinion, like say a famous youtuber says ANIME SUCKS or I see a comment on a anime video sa... See moreying why anime is bad or something like that, and I'm not talking about the joke ones, like calling people weebs or the filthy frank video because that guy is fucking hilarious or people saying cory in the house is the best anime ever made, because I know there jokes, also bee movie for the win, I'm talking about where the person is serious and talks shit on anime, and when I read or hear that comment about someone talking shit on anime it makes me start thinking like them but in honesty I don't personally agree with them, it's just that there comments about anime have been filling my head and making me think about what they say when I watch an anime, now don't get me wrong I'm not saying I don't enjoy anime anymore or I hate it, I've been finding anime that has been interesting and fucking masterpieces since september like berserk, re:zero, Wakaba*Girl, Berserk(2016)(Yes I know people say its shit but I found it to be enjoyable), and one of my all time favorite anime welcome to the NHK, but the main problem I have is just I keep thinking about what people might think of anime and me for liking anime and start talking shit on anime or me for loving anime and being who I am, like I love to listen to anime music but I'm really nervous that people might think that I'm a weeaboo or weird that I listen to anime music, but the reason I listen to anime music is that I love anime and I'm absolutley NOT Japanese. so yeah I've been having this thought in my head and I want to hear y'all guys thought on what I should do, keep in mind I adore anime to death but I'm scared of what people might think of me for liking it, so yeah
Has an anime ever caused you to become interested in a particular food?

As the title says, have you ever watched an anime where they frequently eat some kind of distinct food, and you eventually become inclined to eat it yourself in real life? I took quite a liking to Apples for a while afte... See morer initially watching Death Note.
Why do you think people think anime is childish? Can you give any examples of non-childish anime?

From the many people I've talk to, foe and friend alike, some of them have something in common. While anime is called animation or japanese cartoon to some, they consider it a "cartoon.&quo... See moret; That gives them the misconception that all "anime" is childish and has simple kiddy plots, wouldn't you agree?

Think for a bit. Why do you think people think anime is childish? Can you name any anime series that isn't meant for children?

I'll give a few examples. Elfen Lied, Gantz, Ghost In The Shell, School Days, Mirai Nikki, SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist, Prision School, etc. The list can go on and on.
Do you still want to watch television after watching animes?

Recently and interestingly, I have been getting the same feeling that I think I don't want to watch the black cable box which serves and displays different types of shows around the globe after watching animes. To be frank, before ... See moreI became an anime watcher, I used to watch TV about seventy per cent of the time because TV had a massive and extensive network which you could find and watch different types of programmes that would entertain you and help you to have an enjoyable moment in your leisure time. (TV shows with a new episode every single week, daylight programmes getting a new start on every new hour, late night shows, cinema movies from every possible genre and more! TV contains a lot!) Anyways, yet as a few anime episodes on the Internet gradually one by one started to grab my attention and drive my full concentration to themselves then I started to get the feeling that I was seperating myself from TV world slowly. Animes are so good that when I look at the television screen -no matter how hard I strain myself- I can't get that feeling of admiration that I have for animes anymore. (Obviously there is no such thing that I am obliged to watch TV just like I am obliged to watch animes. I can drop watching both of them. That's a matter of preference.) To make a long story short, do you get the same feeling? Do you sometimes (not always, a random moment in your life) experience one of those moments when you say 'Blah, what a terrible show! Even anime is made up by non-living characters and it includes people living only on papers, digital world, anime is way way much better than *this* show'.
I didn't mean to keep it this long, I am sorry. But it would be a pleasure for me to hear your comments on this if you ever want to say anything. Let the fingers work! Comment, thank you.
Favorite/most badass character in anime

Hey guys, what's your top 5 or 10 most badass characters. Mine would be:

5. Himura Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin ( Really badass, or at least, the Battoussai in him)

4. Minato Namikaze, Naruto ( Incredibly strong but mild-mannered which makes it even ... See morebetter)

3. Yamajii, Bleach ( Old but ruthless and unforgiving in a battle)

2. King Bradley, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ( he wasn't so cool in the original FMA series)

1. Alucard, Hellsing (This guy probably has the most intimidating presence in an anime)

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