Would you want to live in an anime world?
I really want to live in an anime world. I'd do everything, but sadly this isn't possible.
In those worlds everything that is impossible here is possible.

My ideal world would probably be Sword art Online. I just love the idea of switching between ... See morenormal life (Like we have now) and VRMMORPG (Like them)
(I wouldn't mind being stuck in SAO lol... I love SAO)
We don't have: Fairies, ninjas, cool magic spells, Sword Art Online, wizards, pokemons, geass powers, nen, special moves when playing sports and more..

So my question: would you want to live in an anime world? If so why and in which anime world?
How do you feel towards anime characters who share your nationality?
Are you immediately drawn towards them because of patriotic pride? Can you relate to them more easily? Do you cringe or be offended because of their stereotypical representation? Or do you simply don't give a damn? And if yo... See moreu enjoy them do you want more of these characters in anime or not? Tell me!
Do you get attached to specific genre?
When I first strating watching anime, I started with Ecchi. For a long time I only watched anime, that had Ecchi factor in it. After a while I realised that I actually liked Romance more, so I changed to that. Now it is really difficult for me to watch an... See moreime without Romance, since I think they would be boring or just not interesting enough. Anyone got same experiences?
How many episodes do you give an anime before you drop it?
I have this problem of dropping the anime if the first episode is boring or doesn't catch my interest so I'm wondering how many episodes you guys give an anime before dropping it.
What's the most episodes you've binged in one day?
I just had a day of binge with a record breaking 21 episodes. It just got me wondering how many episodes others have watched in a day. What's the most you've watched?
What's your least favorite -dere type?
People always talk about their favorites, so I wanted to ask about your guys' least favorite -dere types in anime, preferably with examples. As for me, I'm going to have to say I don't really care much for any Kuuderes, although I don't really HATE a part... See moreicular -dere type.
Do you get upset when people call japanese animation 'cartoons'?
I hate peple when they call anime a cartoon
anime is a motion picture or television film consisting of a photographed series of drawings
but cartoon is another things its just for fun
anime is better
so what do u all thin... See morek about t?
Can a bad anime damage you psychologically?

For an example. You convince yourself to watch a new anime and then while watching it you realize the anime is so incredibly bad that you start to question your sanity for choosing to watch that anime in the first place. Causing a severe lack of co... See morenfidance in your ability to make a reasonable decision towards what entertainment you should watch in the future.

When you start (for the first time in your life) to question how you could make such a wrong decision for thinking that specific anime was worth watching. In this scenario you would not only have betrayed yourself but also your future self.

In this scenario you would've seriousely wounded your own understanding of what you need in your life and you start to realize you can't ever cope or recover from your decision to watch that anime.

When each and every single episode you watched was so horrible it is permanently etched into your mind and you can't ever take that back so you fall into a severe depression leaving your once so great life in misery at the brink of collapse.

That to me is true betrayal of yourself.

In this case, a bad anime would've not only ruined your own life, but potentially the people around you as well.

That to me is scary.

That's why I only watch anime I know I like.

What do you think? Is this relateable to you?