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Your Most Visually Pleasing Anime?

What are some of peoples most VISUALLY pleasing anime? I love anime for it's art style and I've watched some that was so beautiful I wanted to share it.

For me there's one that comes to mind: K- Project
What is an underrated anime series more people should see?

I am shocked so few people have seen Monster. That series is an absolute masterpiece and is a complete thrill ride from beginning to end. I recommend it to anyone who likes dark thriller anime. The characters and story are absolutely... See more phenomenal, and it definitely has one of the best antagonists of all time. Go check it out!
Anime you dropped, gave it a 2nd chance, and loved it.

What are anime you dropped for some reason, but came back to. Then ended up loving it?

For me:
Oreimo - I watched the first couple episodes but found it kinda creepy. The "forbidden love" angle just didn't sit well with me.... See more About a year latter I went back to it and loved it. Great characters, humor and just a lot of fun. Especially when Kirino started hanging out with her otaku friends and introduced Ruri (who is best girl)
What's the most recent Anime series you have finished?

I just got done with Chobits and DearS, I felt kind of sad that the series ended I wonder if there any series thats similar to Chobits and DearS.

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