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How different would your life be if anime had never been invented?
Would it make any difference at all?
I think my life would be pretty much the same shit except a little more boring, not sure what else i would do with my spare time during the week. Maybe i would have a better sleep pattern idk
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How is Ping Pong the Animation good?

Can someone please explain to me how Ping Pong the Animation is a good anime in general. Like how tf is it ranked so high on the top anime list. I have watched the series and i seriously dont get why people say the animation for this show is so good. Its ... See moreliterally the most sloppy anime ever created. What I think is that people are just trying to seem unique or just be hipsters by calling this shitty anime a masterpiece. Its not like the plot is that special or anything and the animation and soundtrack are extremely below average.
Do you prefer a male character to use 'Boku' or 'Ore'?

As 'boku' is a soft manly way of saying I, 'ore', is a harder way. Does it turn you on or off depending on which one a male character uses? Does it matter to you if they use keigo, or formal language or not in informal situations?

(He... See moreh, I'm only asking this question to make sure I'm not like really weird because I like guys who say 'ore')
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