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How different would your life be if anime had never been invented?
Would it make any difference at all?
I think my life would be pretty much the same shit except a little more boring, not sure what else i would do with my spare time during the week. Maybe i would have a better sleep pattern idk
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How is Ping Pong the Animation good?

Can someone please explain to me how Ping Pong the Animation is a good anime in general. Like how tf is it ranked so high on the top anime list. I have watched the series and i seriously dont get why people say the animation for this show is so good. Its ... See moreliterally the most sloppy anime ever created. What I think is that people are just trying to seem unique or just be hipsters by calling this shitty anime a masterpiece. Its not like the plot is that special or anything and the animation and soundtrack are extremely below average.

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