Do you prefer a male character to use 'Boku' or 'Ore'?

As 'boku' is a soft manly way of saying I, 'ore', is a harder way. Does it turn you on or off depending on which one a male character uses? Does it matter to you if they use keigo, or formal language or not in informal situations?

(He... See moreh, I'm only asking this question to make sure I'm not like really weird because I like guys who say 'ore')
Does anybody else prefer older anime?

In my personal opinion, I don't think that newer anime is all that good compared to older anime. (If you couldn't already tell from my harsh review scores of many popular modern anime) I honestly don't think that anime will EVER be as good as it used to ... See morebe. Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakasho, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, etc. I think are timeless masterpieces. But a bunch of much younger anime fans think that newer anime is better mainly because it has "betr grafphicks" and "kewlur arht sdylez". (Even though in my opinion, animation and art style is the least important aspect of any medium of entertainment. Even though art style is subjective, and I prefer older artstyles of anime personally.) I dunno, does anyone else feel this way?
What Japanese video game would like to see be turned into an anime?

To not make this simple listing.......I'll start off with this. There has been a decent amount of Japanese video games turn into anime. Some have been good.(Phoenix Wright)...and some have been awful. (Valkria chronicles and... See more danganronpa 1). I also Phantasy Star 2 the animation was bad.

What are some Japanese games you wish to see in anime form?

Ape Escape 2 and 3

While yes Ape Escape is a kids game I really feel they could do something with concept of the other two games. AE 2 being another AE1 with new areas and AE3 being all about TV and transformations. I really think they could get creative with this show.

Rumble Roses

I know people will laugh....but hey it could work besides I like I wanna be the strongest in the world.


I know another kids game, but Klonoa is a really underrated series that has some of the best storytelling for platformers. I really think you could expand on some plot points that were brought up in the first two games.