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Is it normal to cry over anime as a male who is 17 years old?
I mean I cried so much while watching/playing Little busters, rewrite, kanon '06, Clannad, anohana, air, angel beats, Fairy tail, and many more

I am 17 and I consider myself pretty alpha.. is it normal for me to cry buckets over ... See moreanime?
I never cry at movies or TV series just anime

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Why are some people so afraid of dropping?

I don't get it. Generally if you don't like the first part you won't like anything after. You can tell a lot about an anime by the way it starts out so it seems to me that it should be most logical to drop anime you don't like. I've never seen anyon... See moree pressured to complete Western TV series they've started so does the seasonal format of anime make it seem like they're intended to be watched as one thing? There are a lot of anime I never would have tried if I didn't allow myself to drop them. I honestly don't even know if I would still be watching anime at this point if I forced myself to suffer through every anime I started and didn't like. I have even seen people turn down recommendations because they said "I don't know if I would enjoy it and I don't drop anything". This just seems like a bad attitude to go into anime with.
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