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Does any of you have any unpopular thoughts about some series only you like but others don't? If so, i wanna hear it.

btw, mine? Tamako Market is actually enjoyable and a bit underrated.
Show that all most had "It".

I'm talking anime that had almost everything you look for in a great show but fell short in something.

And before you start typing I mean shows you still thought were enjoyable for example the Rasheed Wallace/ Lamar Odoms of the anime world guys who ... See morewere good basketball players but could have been so much more, if you're a basketball fan you'll get this.

Anime EX:

Seven Deadly Sins
I though the tandem of Meliodas and Elizabeth both bogged down the show even though the rest of the main cast were really likable. I also thought the ending came out of nowhere and with the ass pulls.

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