What if you DID meet your "waifu," but they didn't like you?

This is just a curious question that's crossed my mind every now and then; felt it'd be fun to post it here and get some other opinions. I suppose to start I should note that I don't look at my anime "waifu;" or... See more rather, the woman that I find most attractive in anime as anything more than a fascinating character in a show who happens to have traits that I'd love to find in a real woman.
I don't look at my "waifu" as someone whom I want to be with, etc. However, I do commonly see posts from people who seem to genuinely want to be with a character they've developed an attachment to. With this I was curious; what if you were to meet that character, and they ended up not liking you?
Now this isn't meant to get anyone down; it's just hypothetical. Maybe you'd be their proper soulmate; maybe it'd all go great. If, however, you were to finally meet the anime girl of your dreams only to be thoroughly rejected, how would you respond?
Interested in your answers!
Anime that makes you hungry while watching.

When I was watching anme series such as Ranma and older anime shows I get often hungry I don't why this happends, it could be that they eat alot in these shows and the food always look really really yummy ^^, how about you guys?
high budget animes are often good?

Well,I often think anime quality is often related to the production quality,but it comes to the point that will there be any opposite cases?
Do you have any ideas,guys?