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Do you forget about anime that you've completed?

I watched "Witchblade" to its completion, and I can't believe I forgot about it completely -- 24 episodes and I only have very faint, if any, memories about it.

Anyone else completed a series, only to be recently reminded: Oh yeah... See more... I remember watching that.
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If you liked anime as a child/teen...did your parents ever try to restrict it?

I spent like a month or two grounded from anime in elementary school because my parents feared I was becoming obsessed and it was affecting my grades (it was the crappy private school teaching that was affecting m... See morey grades, really). If I would've been more of a smartass I would've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender the whole time. :p

My mom used to be strict on age ratings too, she would keep me from renting anime with 13+ ratings and ask me to look for something "13 and under", a rating which has been used never. Somehow I got away with renting the first volume of Evangelion (the back cover said something like "Not rated. Parental guidance suggested.") on the grounds that I turned it off if something inappropriate happened. Multiple inappropriate things happened, but I did not turn it off.

So, those of you who watched anime as children/teenagers, did your parents ever step in and say "you can't watch this much, you're becoming obsessed" or "this show has too many boobs/is too violent, you can't watch it anymore"? Do you think they were right in their decision?