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Do you forget about anime that you've completed?

I watched "Witchblade" to its completion, and I can't believe I forgot about it completely -- 24 episodes and I only have very faint, if any, memories about it.

Anyone else completed a series, only to be recently reminded: Oh yeah... See more... I remember watching that.
If you liked anime as a child/teen...did your parents ever try to restrict it?

I spent like a month or two grounded from anime in elementary school because my parents feared I was becoming obsessed and it was affecting my grades (it was the crappy private school teaching that was affecting m... See morey grades, really). If I would've been more of a smartass I would've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender the whole time. :p

My mom used to be strict on age ratings too, she would keep me from renting anime with 13+ ratings and ask me to look for something "13 and under", a rating which has been used never. Somehow I got away with renting the first volume of Evangelion (the back cover said something like "Not rated. Parental guidance suggested.") on the grounds that I turned it off if something inappropriate happened. Multiple inappropriate things happened, but I did not turn it off.

So, those of you who watched anime as children/teenagers, did your parents ever step in and say "you can't watch this much, you're becoming obsessed" or "this show has too many boobs/is too violent, you can't watch it anymore"? Do you think they were right in their decision?
How come fapping to loli isn't pedophilia, but fapping to anime men is gay?

Cannot believe I am making a lolicon thread, but this has been bugging me a while and I know some people have mentioned it here before:

If fapping to lolicon isn't pedophilia, wouldn't that mean a guy fapping to a... See morenime guy isn't gay since they are drawings and not real? I remember a lolicon said a man fapping to free is gay, but he says fapping to lolicon is normal and not pedophilia?

I'm not a lolicon nor am I against lolicon. I don't fap to anime men either.

Your opinions?