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Best romances in anime that build up over time?
Looking for good romances in anime where initially the couple don't like each other or are just indifferent, but over the course of the show they learn to love each other due to the hardships they face together. Basically I'm looking for romances... See more where you can clearly see why the pair care about each other, not just "love is love" or because one is a tsundere. I find that these make some really touching stories.

Some of my favorites: Okabe and Kurisu (Steins;gate) Yuu and Nao (Charlotte) Ryuuji and Taiga (Toradora) Tatsumi and Mine (Akame ga kill PepeHands)
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Why isn't their sex scenes in anime?

I don't know if its a cultural thing or what but it seems in terms of anime genres there is drastically different stuff. When I say sex scenes I don't mean hentai I mean closer to sex scenes in movies where its just love making.

In ... See moreanime its so different. For example hentai is just porn with no story, and ecchi/romance anime may have good stories but no sex scenes. Its just stupid, their are so much more perverted stuff that putting a sex scene but covering up most things like real life movies would make the anime better and would actually be less perverted. It pisses me off to no end when you have a romance or ecchi anime where the perverted material is drastic but apparently sex is bad sometimes even kissing is considered dirty. how does that make sense? Thoughts?
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