If anime characters somehow fell in our world, what do you see happening?

> Yes, they're still animated and living among us real folk. Just use your imagination..

If anime characters would appear in our world, I feel it'd obviously hit the news to start. No way does the sudden appearen... See morece of anime characters in the 3D world with complete control over feelings like us doesn't make national headlines. At first I thought the goverment would secretely intervene, but it'd be impossible with thousands upon thousands appearing. You just can't hide it anymore, though I think dating them would be seen as a heavy taboo for a long time and it'd be up there with how gay marriage was and still sometimes seen by the masses. Though, I fear many of them would get raped (men and women alike) and it'd be a complete disaster.

Either that or we realize they aren't perfect and they snub losers and act high and mighty.

How about you guys?