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Nicest Female Legs in Anime

Lets face some of the female legs in anime are like straws or covered up.There are a lot of great legs too. I am asking this because right now Asuna (SAO1-14) has about the nicest set of legs ( my preference only). I thought of Ikki Toussen along with a couple of ot... See morehers. But I am asking too because its too much to go back and watch.Knee Hi,Thigh Hi,stockings or bare Give a few favorites.
Are you one to drop an anime easily?
I know this is not worded the best, but I tend to see a divide if people believe that they should finish every anime they start, or if they drop shows if they just see nothing in it. I am one to drop anime, I've dropped quite a few in general. I go with the... See more idea that if I find it annoying, or weak I don't see the need to continue.
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