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Best anime to be made live action?

Say in a parallel universe, anime can be made into live-action well, which ones do you think would work the best?

1-Attack on Titan(western version). Fact of the matter is, western studios have better effects, and more races to fit the story better. They... See more'd have to go strictly by the anime though(main gripe with Jap version)

2-Mirai Nikki(western/Jap version?) Everything about this anime screams western movies. Zombieland? The Hunger Games? Teen horror? The part where it'd have to have some Japanese influence, is the psychotic thriller part(and battle royale, which Japs do better as well), and the fact that it takes place in Japan. Because of the culture barrier, IMO it's impossible, but if it weren't for the barrier, this would be all too possible.

3-Evangelion(western/Jap version?) This is 100% feasible, no matter how you look at it. It's just possible. We have all of the effects to do it, and we're tuned for explosions. Westerners love melodrama, and so all of our actors are tuned to it. However, this has some dementia that put this anime over the top. If they could get the right team, I'd say do it.

4- Sword Art Online. Yes, I know there's an actual live-action series in development. I know it's going to suck. But it's really all too easy. Most of the characters fit pretty stock archetypes. The only thing westerners aren't suited to is Tsunderes, and I'm sure some lady could pull off Asuna, and then some Japanese style overdramatic attitude would have to be taught for Kirito. Effects-wise, it's also all too easy. Just getting the UI set up is half the battle, and some convincing Hollywood graphics for enemies, as well as Hollywood level environments, which are all strong points for SAO and Hollywood studios. There's nothing about this anime that isn't feasible, although, I know we'll fuck it up somehow.

5- Fate/stay night. This, like Evangelion, is 100% feasible. It just is. The story is simple enough at it's core, but has tons of backstory they can choose to delve into, or not, depending on how long the series would be. Effects-wise, everything is possible. Westerners just suck at action and are tuned to explosions, and duck, run, and gun action... But to say that Fate's effects can't be done is just hogwash. If western studios had a bit of common sense, they'd already be doing a movie with Fate-style action. Fact of the matter, is we don't have it, because most studios are idiots. If a director had the balls to create this series, it would change Hollywood style action forever. Fight scenes in all fantasy/sci-fi would never be the same.

1- Dragonball Z. There's no way to do most of these characters.
2- Kill la Kill- I've heard people say KLK should be live action, but for the same reason DBZ is impossible, I'd say KLK is impossible.
3- Most harem/slice of life. Eccentricity is a real trait, I just don't think actors have the same level as anime characters. I might have friends that seem to resemble these anime at times, but Hollywood has a very different definition. So actual actors doing it? Impossible.
4- Pure Romance- Western society sucks at romance. Case in point, Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey. Point made. Maybe Japs could pull it off? Doubt it, though.

Anyway, those are the best and worst candidates I've come up with. I know they won't happen(except SAO, which I'm crossing fingers for not sucking immensely), but it's what I could come up with. Got any you wish they'd do (correctly)?

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