How do you plan watching your next anime?

I was wondering since I have such a long Plan to Watch list, I usually put my list in a random choice generator and watch whatever anime it picks, but I'm interested in what other people do when they get ready to watch a new anime. Do you just watch ... See morewhatever you want to on your list, or do you do anything specific?
Has a anime/manga ever seriously "trolled" its viewers/readers?

Well, Gintama does on occasion, but I'm saying serious troll--Not "bad," through virtue (or vice) of bad/stupid writing, but actually trolling by taking its plot into a direction where it's very obvious the cre... See moreators just want to piss off viewers; something more troll than School Days.
For example, if a shounen killed off all of its characters, and then had the MC wake up to find that he was a fat otaku who was dreaming away in a coma for the past 10 years or something. Or if halfway through one of those typical ecchi-harem shows, it somehow suddenly turns into a yaoi fest with the MC as everyone's uke.
Best Parents in anime series

Curious what peoples opinion of the best Parents or Parent on a anime series are. I know a lot of shows the parents are over seas or even a non character but sometimes they have good roles .In my humble opinion best parents are from Clannad after Story
Nagisas m... See moreom and dad hands down show great love expressed to daughter. The mom doesn't show sadness on losing her daughter until they hand over the grand- daughter really powerful scene. The dad always has a baseball bat in his hands to play he is like a big kid. Kinda cool to develop grown up characters sometimes in anime.
Single dad in Usagi Drop very realistic and likeable character wish they made more episodes great show!