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Do you think Weeaboo shaming is getting out of hand?

For the most recent years I've been seeing this Weeaboo shaming more and more frequently, and I could tell majority of the Weeaboo haters are mostly coming from fedora tipping Westaboo neckbeards who likes to brag about their superior West... See moreern games, comics, movies, and shit.

When I used to in my early teenage years, I used to hate Wapanese people (there is no Weeaboo term back then). Despite the fact that I secretly watch anime that has yet to aired on TV while everyone else wanks on Naruto or Inuyasha.

Then later I became more mature and started to accept Weeaboos for who they are and hell I even miss those people who used to make cutesy smileys and roleplays as character and I rarely see these type of people these day due to fear of Weeaboo shaming. They still exists but not as common back then.

Then 3 years ago the explosion of popularity of Korean pop culture started to threaten the popularity of Japanese pop culture influence and that made me realize I actually like Weeaboos and I do not want Koreaboos to replace them.

This is also the same case when Emo culture was at the peak of it's popularity back then and everyone hated them then later I realize they're pretty okay and the Emo shaming back then got out of hand.

Now Japanese pop culture seems to start recovering in the West thanks to the $500 million dollar budget the Japanese government implemented to promote their pop culture outside Japan.
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