Versatile Seiyuu Voices/Actors

Have you watched an anime that upon closer inspection, one of the seiyuu voiced a character that is vastly different on his anime role? You are shocked and surprised and did not expect that he played THAT role. That's versatility, darn it!. :-)

I was simulta... See moreneously watching Hetalia and Shinsekai Yori. I would never imagine that they both share the same seiyuu: one playing the main character and the antagonist. I was surprised that Daisuke Namikawa played Italy and Squealer. WTF! They are totally different and they have different voices. And the guy played Hisoka , too! What a talent.

Another one is Takahiro Sakurai. I only learned that he played both Misaki in Junjou Romantic and Shogo Makishima of Psychopass. The voices has two different and distinct timbres!

On the other hand, Mamoru Miyano is good, but he has little range. He played great in comedic characters but falls flat in voicing to more serious one. Even his turn in Steins:Gate did not convince me.

Do you know seiyuu who has versatile voice and those who did not recognize immediately upon hearing?

PS: Tomakazu Sugita is versatile, but I could recognize his voice anytime.
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