Whats the longest you've gone without watching anime?

Whats the longest you've gone without watching anime anD what made you stop watching it for that period? What made you get back to watching anime afterwards? I haven't watched anime for a week now cause I've been busy studying for exams a... See morend I just don't have the time nor the desire to watch any anime at the moment.
What's your exception to the sub/dub rule?

We all have a preference to watch an anime either subbed or dubbed.. most saying the subbed is more true to the original intention of the artists.

But I think we all also have an anime where we go against our standard response and watch the sub o... See morer dub instead of our typical choice.

For example, I almost always watch subs. My exception is PaniPoni Dash! because I feel the dubbed version is well acted and hilarious.

There must be people who always watched dubbed but realize the voice acting is terrible and thus watch subbed to actually enjoy the show, no?