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Have you ever watched a series backward?
I know this is a weird question, but from in an effort to break free from the shackles of my boredom, I thought, "I should choose an anime and watch it backward." Have You ever done this? Why? Do you think it was a better experience? Thanks i... See moref you post, even though I'm already slightly regretting this, and expect no replies whatsoever.
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does bad ending ruin your anime?
i feel if i enjoyed the journey, and thought the characters were good or great, i shouldnt think the anime is ruined and become pointless because of the ending.

like if a show executed its themes well, had great characters, had good developed plot, then at t... See morehe last episode it have done something that negate what the show from the start have established, or basicly had trol ending like the whole thing was a dream, and nothing was important........that doesn't mean the show is ruined.

do you feel the same way?

sorry my englsih is really bad. i am just learning it and still haven't been improved.

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