Why do waifu wars exist?

I dont understand how can one argue about this, like no matter what you say, you will never convince of anything coz ill prefer one girl, and you will prefer the other. Its all a matter of preference so having *waifu wars* is a complete waste of time.

Its like arg... See moreuing about whats better, pizza or hamburger....
Don't you hate it when theres a conversation during a fighting scene?

One of the things that really annoys is when theres any anime that have a fighting scene, there are times that those scene will have 80% of the time, there will be a conversation. i'm on accelerator side on this one. "... See more;Can we just fight" its fine that two people can talk all day long until sundown but when someone or something fight against another one, i expected no talking. to be honest, the one who talk the most, i hope that character die.
Anime tattoos

Does anyone have tattoos based on their favorite anime or have any ideas of one they would like to get someday. I am interest to know because I want to get one someday and would love to see what everyone opinions are. If you have pictures of them that would be awesome!!