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Worst Anime In Your Favorite Genre(s)
I enjoy quite a few different genres of anime, such as Horror, Mystery, Action, Slice of Life, and so on. And I have seen some stinkers in these genre's.

So what garbage anime have you seen in a genre or genres that you generally enjoy?
When Characters from ANIME started to speak in ENGLISH, does it bother you?

Im talking about the (original dub one's) here smile

Honestly sometimes i do find it quite good, like when senjougahara said, "Parent Teacher Association" for example, she sounded a bit sexy,Though it also ... See morebothers me sometimes...,really like from nanatsu no taizai, the way the say thier skills are in english and i think that its not cool at all. Imagine shichika yelling in english you'ld find it uncool right?..maybe? well just my opinion.