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Edgy fantasy anime that don't suck?
For a long time now, edgy fantasy anime (think about stuff that would appeal to your average chuuni character) has been a big guilty pleasure of mine. However, I don't have much tolerance for poor writing, so I find it basically impossibly to enjoy shows lik... See moree SAO, because I get too hung up on the weird writing and plot contrivances to just sit back and enjoy the dumb fun wish-filfillment.
Are there any good fun, edgy fantasy out there that are actually well-written?
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How Do You Manage the Time to Watch Anime?
Do you watch anime at work? Can you only manage a few episodes a day because of school/work? Do you only marathon on weekends? How are you able to watch anime with your schedule?

I personally can only manage about 2-4 episodes a day (1 episode befo... See morere work, 1 during my lunch break, and only 2 afterwards because of school and other tasks). That's usually how it goes with my schedule.
Do you even care about new anime?
Hey all. Once upon a time, I was introduced to anime.
It began with Sailor Moon, Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, Slayers and a lot of others too.
I watched and downloaded a massive dose of anime once upon a time.
Then life got interesting. Oh, you have no idea smile
S... See moreo I have this large gap, well I suppose it can be called a large gap. That's complicated too. And I have no idea what is currently 'cool'.
Right now I'm binge watching Sailor Moon. Not the new stuff, yet.
Pop and chips and well that's my New Year's activity I guess.
I'm here watching anime with my teddy bear.
I have no idea what is considered 'the thing' for anime.
Totally out of the loop.
But I own something like 5TB of anime.
It's hard to care what is 'new'.
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