Why do you think people think anime is childish? Can you give any examples of non-childish anime?

From the many people I've talk to, foe and friend alike, some of them have something in common. While anime is called animation or japanese cartoon to some, they consider it a "cartoon.&quo... See moret; That gives them the misconception that all "anime" is childish and has simple kiddy plots, wouldn't you agree?

Think for a bit. Why do you think people think anime is childish? Can you name any anime series that isn't meant for children?

I'll give a few examples. Elfen Lied, Gantz, Ghost In The Shell, School Days, Mirai Nikki, SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist, Prision School, etc. The list can go on and on.
Pantsu shots in ecchi...

I have been wondering this for awhile and being it's April 1st figured I would ask the community about it.

I realize most anime is based on Japanese culture or beliefs but am wrong to not understand why every single pantsu shot we get is just the same stye just di... See morefferent color or patterns?

This is an off the wall question I know and maybe it's because I grew up in the US....But...girls here wore almost everything you can think of from boyshorts to thongs/g-strings in high school and beyond. I find it odd that every female character in almost any anime that you can think of (few exceptions like Queens blade) wears the same style of undies with the only exception being color/pattern.

This was a discussion I was having with a friend while shooting the shit about anime. That's what gave me the idea.

I mean when it comes to bras they have every type out there but pantsu its just the normal bikini style(not sure of actual style name). I mean if you wanted to crank up the ecchi you could add a different pair, hell a thong shot would be epic but that's just me.

Maybe it's just me but thought I would see what the forum thought about this odd observation of mine. Carry on
Is the anime community too broad?

I know anime as a whole is pretty niche here in the west, considering you'd be hard pressed to find another person who watches anime without actively going out to look for them, but do you guys think the community as a whole might be getting too big?

I d... See moreon't mind when anime tries to reach normal people. I love being able to recommend shows to the rest of my family like SUMMER WARS and have us all enjoy it, even if we don't all like anime as a whole. Shows like Parasyte the Maxim and stuff... but...

I feel like while trying to reach out, we've grabbed a whole of a lot of different people who are coming into anime with preconceptions. We're getting people trying to push anti-feminine agendas, anti-homosexual, anti-religious... Like it's kind of getting ridiculous.

The community before as a whole (outside of 4chan) was a place of acceptance, and I'd like to hear your thoughts. Is the anime community getting too broad. Is it picking up people who really shouldn't be in here?
Should People Feel Bad For Liking Moe?

I read a review on Ichigo Mashimaro that said Ichigo Mashimaro panders to those that want to molest young girls, so I did some soul searching, but haven't come up with an answer. I mean, is it creepy for grown men to like moe? I mean, the Japanese probl... See moreem seems to be well founded.
What constitutes as *sophisticated* taste in anime?

Is drinking tea while wearing a top hat and monocle while discussing why harem/ecchi anime is for *unsophisticated* people enough? xD

But seriously, after a google search of *sophisticated taste*, I see numerous questions and articles ab... See moreout this in relation to other subjects so I'm asking about it, anime wise.
What if the Bible was an anime?

think about how crazy it would be. red seas, parting seas, Sampson killing 200 soldiers with a donkey's jawbone (even beating out Guts's 100 man battle), the David vs Goliath fight

it has crazy awesome potential for fight scenes

would anyone watch it?