What is your opinion on tsundere?

tsundere is when a girl likes to act strong and important and call male characters maggots and stuff to act dominant. I personnaly fucking hate tsundere and ithink it should be abolished forever, it annoys me so much because for some reason its funny for the... See more mc to act like a bitch, I get so irritated because its just so stupid. I get pissed off when he lets some little girl with pig tails call him scum and stuff and just take it because apparently its cute. WTF because in reality; she'd get the shit slapped out of her tbh
Thoughts on the really colorful hair thing in anime?

It's pretty reasonable for characters in fantasy anime to have pink, purple, and green hair, but does anyone find it weird in "normal" settings, "in a world not so different from our own," like most highschool romcoms?