What do you like in an anime protagonist?

I don't mean something as simplistic or as abstract as "I want him/her to be complex..." (because who doesn't), but more like "I want him/her to be shy, timid but have a badass persona/ego", or "I want him/her to have a tragi... See morec past that involved a lot of rape and torture..."
You know...whatever floats your boat :3
Also, would it be different if the protagonist was male or female?
Does the anime industry have different definitions for "mature" and "dark"?

Yes, it's time for another one of these.

It seems that anything that contains just a drop of blood is rated 17+ and many anime fans (and probably the industry as well) think that's what makes a... See moren anime dark and mature. Is it the viewers' fault for having low standards, or the industry's for hiring incompetent directors?
Why is slice of life such a popular genre?

Personally i just don't get the appeal of it , what's entertaining about watching cute girls drinking tea. If you are a fan of the genre please explain why you find this entertaining
Is "To LOVE-Ru" all about servicing the fans?

I've never seen it..i just want opinions because im quite young and I don't like hentai..I want some pure and innocent romance..holding hands,watching the stars..etc etc
Do you watch 'ongoing' anime?

Do you watch ongoing, that is, anime that haven't finished airing yet? Or do you avoid them? How many of them are you watching right now? And how many of them do you watch usually? Can you please name some good ones so I can check them out? And is there anyone w... See moreho only watches ongoing anime?