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What kind of hentai do you like?
I exclusively read femdom hentai manga. I like tall girls, onee-sans, and teachers. I don't want to be in control, or be on equal footing. I especially find tender femodm, and dominatrix's in their sexy leather outfits, hot. I like S&M, but not too rough.
... See moreI love it when the girl:

-Sits on the dude's face
-Hugs his face to her chest
-licks him
-forces him to lick her (you know)
-kisses his lips and cheeks
-Treats the guy in a really tender way
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Are you supposed to say X out loud when it's in anime's title?

There was similair topic to this but I couldn't find the answer to my question. Anyway the question is simple. If there is X in anime's title are you supposed to say it out loud? Examples would be Highschool DxD ; Hunter x Hunter... See more ; xxxHOLiC ; Inu X Boku SS
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How does an anime feel "forced"?

Hey guys.

So I'm not the best at perceiving things in anime. Most of the time, when people talk about how an anime felt "forced" I usually have no idea what they're talking about. I know what it means, but I can't seem to figure out w... See morehat it looks or feels like. What does an anime that's "forced" look like?

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> What does an anime that's forced look like?
> How can you tell that an anime is "forcing" something, whether it'd be on to the audience, or just something to advance the story?
> What are some examples of a forced scenario?
> Does "forcing" things in anime mean it was impossible to make it seem natural in that scenario?
> Is it wrong that a studio is trying to do the most with the least by "forcing" things to happen? Doesn't it help advance the plot?
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