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What kind of hentai do you like?
I exclusively read femdom hentai manga. I like tall girls, onee-sans, and teachers. I don't want to be in control, or be on equal footing. I especially find tender femodm, and dominatrix's in their sexy leather outfits, hot. I like S&M, but not too rough.
... See moreI love it when the girl:

-Sits on the dude's face
-Hugs his face to her chest
-licks him
-forces him to lick her (you know)
-kisses his lips and cheeks
-Treats the guy in a really tender way
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Are you supposed to say X out loud when it's in anime's title?

There was similair topic to this but I couldn't find the answer to my question. Anyway the question is simple. If there is X in anime's title are you supposed to say it out loud? Examples would be Highschool DxD ; Hunter x Hunter... See more ; xxxHOLiC ; Inu X Boku SS
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