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Has an anime ever caused you to become interested in a particular food?

As the title says, have you ever watched an anime where they frequently eat some kind of distinct food, and you eventually become inclined to eat it yourself in real life? I took quite a liking to Apples for a while afte... See morer initially watching Death Note.
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What is the most realistic and unrealistic sports anime?

Of course all sports anime are unrealistic as shows exaggerate what an actual person can do, plus the fact there isn't a team in existence where individual members even care about the team. But disregarding some of those facts which an... See moreime do you think comes close to being realistic and far from realistic. For me the most realistic would be Free and the most unrealistic would be Prince of Tennis.

In Free there is literally no over-exaggeration and most swimmers can pull off nearly everything that the characters in the show can do. I know some people don't count Free as a sports show and call it a fan-service show then in that case Haikyuu.

As for the most unrealistic sports anime that would obviously be Prince of Tennis. Players are jumping up 2000 feet into the air, playing each other in mid-air, playing underwater, smashes are so strong it pierces through the ground yet somehow it comes back up, players charge their ki, summon monsters during the match, etc.
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