Anime you loved but not anymore?

I used to love One Piece so much back in the day. I stopped reading it a few years ago but have time to time read it. It just wasn't the same anymore for me after the timeskip, the new char design were awful like Nami and Robin. The char development for Ussop... See more was so disappointed, this is a guy who spent 2 years in an island that was trying to eat him constantly yet he was the same cowardly person. This clearly showed that Oda was afraid to take risks and just played it to damn safe. It was obvious that he scattered Nami's new design to otakus and pervs alike.

The story quality also wasn't the same, the new arc's drags on forever like Dressrosa arc. I sadly don't care for it anymore. I have seen way better anime's and I can't go back to it sadly.
Why is Hayao Miyazaki always downvoted?

Every user I come across has given his films mostly 7s and a few 9s. However, it's usually Princess Mononoke that has a 9 whereas the rest of his films like Spirited Away and NausicaΓ€ are given 7s? I mean, why? They're all good films in their own ... See morerespects. The guy has made nothing but good movies. I even grew up watching them and was impressed by how appealing and visually impressive they were.