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[ Spoiler! ][ so akria toriyama has just released the main antagonist is broly and i was wondering what, how, and why do you think akria is going put broly in another movie after he has been in 3 even thoe the third one was bio-broly, but he has been the most reappearing enemy in the dragon ball se... See moreries. the difference between the power from the last time the zfighters fought against broly. so it should make sense that broly should not be able to stand up against ssj goku,vegeta,gohan so then how would akria make movie about broly again if the power difference should be huge between broly and the other saiyans wich means that there will have to be a backstory of broly ever sense the 2 movie of broly and how he has changed or got'en strong enough to stand up against even ssjb goku,vegeta . from the looks of how this movie is going to be sound like this movie going to have a great story line which is something dragon ball usually dose not have which is a good idea considering that this going to be big movie for akira, and if they do good you shouldn't be surprised if DBS has more seasnons?. ] but what i want to know is what other ideas do you have from this movie there is a lot going on so a lot could happen?

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