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What anime series were you so hype to watch but turned out to be aweful?
I don't want to remember being EXTREMELY hyped about watching sword art online,not only because it was extremely aweful but after I watched it,I had to go to a serious emergency to the hospital..I'm not even joking.So now... See more,what about you?
How do you find your unique Anime username

Im trying to find a unique anime username to have on google+/facebook/twitter/Steam etc but i can't really come up with one, all my friends and many other people i meet have good ones and unique but when i ask them they say that it came up randomly,... See more i really can't think of anything good like this
What is an anime that you can never find people that hate it?

a few times i have just tried searching around the internet for any Trigun haters because i can almost never find any, so then i got the question for this thread in my head XD

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