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Do you still remember the characters or scenes you have watched?

So, for those who have watched many anime and read manga. Do you still remember the character or scenes you have watched or read? Sometimes, do your memory tend to get jumbled?
Are you still excited about Anime?

Will you eventually lose your enthusiasm for Anime?

I remember when I first started watching Anime I could enjoy anything I mean literally anything. All I had to do was ask a random person online for recommendations and I'd watch them all and enjoy every... See more single one of them. Kaichou wa Maid-sama was one of the first Romance Anime I ever watched, I was so amazed at how the female lead Misaki acted and now I know she was what you call a Tsundere and now I'm amazed at how I was amazed at such an overused trope. I loved Nisekoi so much and now I never take harems seriously.

I am unable to get absorbed into anime lately like I used to. So how about you guys? Do you watch anime with the same enthusiasm as you did when you first started it? Or is it now just a normal routine thing?