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What anime have you seen that were good but boring, OR that were bad but entertaining?

Good but boring = From a critical standpoint, you can understand WHY this show is popular or rated highly. It just... isn't very enjoyable to watch. Extra clarification: Many classic books are "boring... See more" or "hard" to read. They're still masterpieces, though.
I personally found Fate/Zero to fall into this category. I see why it's a good show; I just... didn't really enjoy it that much, and I was kind of bored while watching it.

On the flip side, there are shows that are terrible from a critical standpoint--characterization, plot, etc. fall completely flat -- but from an entertainment standpoint, are almost like a guilty pleasure and are fun to watch.
A perfect example for me would be Sword Art Online. I understand that Kirito's a terrible character, and that it's really not a great show--but DANG IT, I can't stop watching it because it's simply fun to watch, like Saturday morning cartoons.

What about you? What anime would fall into each category in your opinion?