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Would you disregard all the good things about an anime just because the ending is mediocre?
Like the story has good plot , good animation, good emotional build up, good characters, but in last 1~2 episodes the ending turns out shit or mediocre, would you forgive the show because of the previou... See mores deeds or would you just instantly call it trash?
Example: Erased (I personally still like it alot, though the ending may not be as good)
How about manga adaptation/ light novel that ends in a weird place which might not be as good as the previous plot-line but it's only because it's in the middle of the story?
Examples: Re:Zero, No Game No Life
I see people are much more forgiving with this when it comes to shonen jump anime.
Usually they end in quite a meh place but people seems to not care so much because they read the manga already.
Are you afraid of watching an old favorite?

I decided to rewatch Inuyasha after like 4 years and now after the first few episodes I'm starting to think that it isn't going to be as good as it was when I first watched it or when I rewatched it, or really at all I feel like its an 8 at best no... See morew. Anyone else afraid of ruining something you used to love? Or is everyone too busy with all the gud stuff now and just doesn't rewatch their favorites.

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