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Too many character syndrome

Another problem that plague anime since the 90s and even 2000s is that some shows.(Mostly cute girls show, harem, and shouen) just have the need and just want to shove in a bunch of characters. This leads to A LOT of problems. Poor character development, poor fram... See moreing, and a poor direction for the story. But in short a lot of the characters just end up being there without much of a purpose and reason.

Now some shows have been able to perfectly handle this like HunterxHunter, One Piece, Negima, Tenchi Muyo, FMA, Ikki Tousen, Queens Blade, and Akame ga Kill. And I sat there and asked myself why. I think I came up with an answer. They all have a focus on the main character and they stick to them.(Granted Tastumi from Akame ga Kill sucks balls). If the character is recurring they make the effort to really make you care about them and get their goals. They don't try and go out of hand with just adding heroes or villains for the sake of it. I mean it makes me wonder why shows like Transformers(throughout the years) and G.I. Joe never had this problem. This seems to be only an anime problem since any western I.P. I can think of does a good job handling a lot of characters.

So what are your thoughts?

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