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Soooo, what did we learn from watching anime?

It can be anything. From the educational crap they spout at school like science and history to values and morals. And do state which anime you learnt it from. Anime is now my mentor.

I learnt:
Karma Or whatever you call it- Literally everythi... See moreng comes with a price (xxxHolic)
How to be a mad scientist (Steins;gate)
How to put up with a mad scientist (Steins;gate)
Fate is evil (Mawaru Penguindrum)
How to say your banana is all floppy (Steins;gate)
Japanese communities during World War II (Grave of the Fireflies)
Teachers have no life (Toradora! and Lucky Star) Haha jokes.
How to make everyone hate you (Naruto)
How to be angsty... Not that I'll ever need it... hehe... (Almost any anime with bishounen... Especially CLAMP... Ehem... Tokyo Babylon... Vampire Knight...)
How to hide what you are really doing (Death Note... Great job at pretending to read porn, Light)
Never trust cute fluffy mascots (Puella Magi)
Don't lose your head! (Durarara!!)
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