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Soooo, what did we learn from watching anime?

It can be anything. From the educational crap they spout at school like science and history to values and morals. And do state which anime you learnt it from. Anime is now my mentor.

I learnt:
Karma Or whatever you call it- Literally everythi... See moreng comes with a price (xxxHolic)
How to be a mad scientist (Steins;gate)
How to put up with a mad scientist (Steins;gate)
Fate is evil (Mawaru Penguindrum)
How to say your banana is all floppy (Steins;gate)
Japanese communities during World War II (Grave of the Fireflies)
Teachers have no life (Toradora! and Lucky Star) Haha jokes.
How to make everyone hate you (Naruto)
How to be angsty... Not that I'll ever need it... hehe... (Almost any anime with bishounen... Especially CLAMP... Ehem... Tokyo Babylon... Vampire Knight...)
How to hide what you are really doing (Death Note... Great job at pretending to read porn, Light)
Never trust cute fluffy mascots (Puella Magi)
Don't lose your head! (Durarara!!)
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Do you find it hard to watch older anime or anime that arent in HD?

Im pretty hardcore about my anime quality. I make a few exceptions like Hajime no Ippo, but I only watch a modern style anime that is 1080p, or sometimes 720p.

There are a lot of anime that Ive held back on watching becau... See morese theyre not available in HD. Anime like Kaiji, and Aria, and Monster are a couple animes that I hope get Bluray releases sometime in the future so that I can actually watch them. If not ill probably never watch them

I also probably never plan to watch any old style anime in the pre 2000s. The old style is hard to watch when youre used to modern animation.

I know there are a lot of casuals that dont care about your quality, Im much more interested in those that do
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At what point do you realize your tastes in anime are just different from everyone else's?

I loved School Days and even wrote an essay defending it, I enjoyed Glasslip for what it was worth, and I liked Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls a lot more than I should have. Does this mean I have that detest... See moreable, deplorable thing known as shit taste? No, it just means my tastes in anime simply don't align with those of the masses and that's fine, I didn't much like Re:Zero either. I'm just in that hot spot where both casuals and elitists will rip on me but they're just barking up a tree really. I mean we've been taught this since our earliest ages, but being different isn't bad; it's when you force yourself to conform to the status quo and adopt something against your ideals and try to bury who you really are that sets you up for failure.

I'll never shy away from sharing my favorite anime, I fucking love Dragon Ball Z and Naruto too, and SAO is pretty good too. These are actually pretty common anime to like, but you'll hardly see anyone be open about it these days and that's kind of saddening. Just comes to show how judgmental the community can be. It's the one thing I don't really miss since I became less active on here. Here's to being different, folks.

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