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Realistic anime females
What are some anime female leads you consider to be the most realistic to how real girls are? In my view there are at least 5 qualities that make a female character resemble a real person:

!) Distinctive hobbies and goals.
2) Realistic intelligence level, not too st... See moreupid, dense or too smart.
3) No over the top undeserved violence or whining, or too shy to talk to a guy they like.
4) They wear normal, everyday clothing and not extravagant outfits.
5) They have other close female or male friends, no missing parents.

Bonus points if they have a normal sense of humor and aren't repulsed by sexual topics.

Characters that sort fit in my opinion: Robin (excluding the 5th one), Yagami Kou, Mion Sonozaki, Chitanda, Aoyama Nanami, Chisa Kotegawa, etc.
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