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Do you hide the fact that you watch anime?
I'm a 20 year old college student, have been heavily involved with sports my whole life, usually considered a "ladies man" or "pretty boy" and I'm not what people think of when they think of anime..and we all know that in the U.S.... See more anime is looked down upon as being "lame" or stupid or whatever. In the past, I would feel extremely pressured to hide the fact that I watch anime...because of my personality and interests I find myself around people who don't watch anime and usually think it's weird. I'm a lot more open about it nowadays seeing as to how it's my life and I shouldn't be embarrassed about these kinds of things. I also listen to J-pop and am still self-conscious about that too..as far as others hearing me listening to it. Does anybody feel the same way or maybe used to and just got over it like I'm trying to?
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How many episodes do you give an anime before you drop it?
I have this problem of dropping the anime if the first episode is boring or doesn't catch my interest so I'm wondering how many episodes you guys give an anime before dropping it.
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What makes a character truly compelling or interesting?

I think this is a neat discussion topic. While we may all have our favorite characters from a certain series, sometimes it's difficult to explain why, or what we like about them. When it comes to a compelling or interesting character, w... See morehat do you think is essential or important?

For example, a character may have a complex backstory, but be incredibly uninteresting, and vice versa.
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