What makes a character truly compelling or interesting?

I think this is a neat discussion topic. While we may all have our favorite characters from a certain series, sometimes it's difficult to explain why, or what we like about them. When it comes to a compelling or interesting character, w... See morehat do you think is essential or important?

For example, a character may have a complex backstory, but be incredibly uninteresting, and vice versa.
Would you drop an anime if it offends your beliefs?

If an anime insulted your beliefs (christianity, buddhism, atheism, etc) would you drop it?

1) they did it constructively in a serious manner.
2) tastelessly in a satirical manner just to insult it

And why/why not?

Has there... See more been any religious controversies in anime?
What is objectively speaking the magnum opus of anime and why?

Inspired from my latest thread I made a realization that people go into that topic in a very subjective way. From a more objective opinion however, what is the real magnum opus of the anime industry?

Please give reasons to you... See morer arguments.
Still waiting to see the best anime ever.

Mankind is still very young. We (hopefully) have a bright future ahead of us, with many years to come. In the future, I hope and pray that something better than all anime that have been made to date will be produced. I personally don't think I've see... See moren the best possible anime yet. I mean, there is a lot of amazing stuff out there, but I still think there's potential for still better. I don't believe mangakas, novelists, and studios have exhausted all originality and that they're beating a dead horse. I believe that there is something (or somethings) yet that has the potential to seize #1 on my list of favourites by storm. Something bewitching, enchanting.

Do you entertain this idea/hope as well? Do you think it's a possibility or am I just too optimistic?